A-1 Disaster Resources is an experienced disaster-response company that is at the ready and prides itself on solving the problems of: Disaster Preparedness, Consumable Distribution, Logistics, Skilled Labor Resources, National General Labor Provider, and On or Off-site Time & Material Documentation and Billing Services. These solutions are the key to solving large-loss and commercial-insurance claims; from working hand-in-hand with clients, communicating with the carrier on scope of work/job progress, to building/documenting all your Time & Material documents to ensure expedited carrier audit and payment.

A-1 Disaster Resources excels at putting plans into action, installing the labor and equipment where needed to begin the difficult task of completing a Large Loss from start to finish. A-1 Disaster Resources increasingly acts as the prime contractor, rather than working under a ‘brand name’ disaster-response company. This has sped up A-1 Disaster Resources’ position in the industry to offer a full slate of disaster-recovery services, including all project management, logistics, equipment, clerking and skilled labor for construction. A-1 Disaster Resources also has the flexibility to respond with up-to-the-minute needs, most recently in COVID-19 decontamination and sanitization. Services are further outlined below:

Commercial Rebuild Services

Assessing the damage
Determining Scope of Work & Estimating Damages
Cleaning up the trails left behind by the disaster
Complete Rebuild Management

Labor Resources

Skilled Laborers
General Laborers
Project Managers
Assistant Project Managers
On-site Clerks & Admin Solutions
Health and Safety Officers

Large Loss Services

24/7 Large loss emergency response
Disaster and business continuity planning
Water extraction, drying, and dehumidification
Mold abatement and removal
Fire and or smoke restoration and cleaning
Structural stabilization
Content cleaning and documents recovery, drying, and restoration
Overall Project Management

Time & Material Billing & Auditing

Skilled Project Accounts
Off-site Document Preparation
On-Site Documentation Clerks
Outsourced Time & Material Billing
Overall Time & Material Documentation Management

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