Case Studies

A-1 Disaster Resources has had the opportunity to serve communities across the country, restoring businesses after all major Natural Disasters in the past 4 years. From Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Frozen Pipes or Fire Losses, A-1 Disaster Resources’ team has had a drastic impact on rebuilding clients’ business operations while navigating the claims process.

During the past few years, A-1 Disaster Resources has continued to expand its efforts in partnering with national response affiliates to provide water extraction services, skilled labor to large-loss restoration contractors, equipment rentals, consumable distribution and the other services listed above through its growing network and Partnership Program.

Just a few of the Company’s past projects include:

Hurricane Harvey

Provided skilled labor, restoration supervisors, and project managers to oversee the mitigation of 30+ municipal buildings across the South Texas coastline. Managed logistics, consumable and equipment inventory, placement, and moisture-mapping all while tracking appropriate documentation for the insurance carrier.

Provided Onsite Project Managers, Supervisors, General Labor, Consumables, & Equipment to 4 Luxury Hotel Resorts. Project included full moisture mapping, drying affected material, demolition, and rebuilding client’s properties using brand-standard designs and construction processes. A-1 Disaster Resources appropriately consulted the client on the insurance claim and worked with a 3rd-party auditing firm to settle, without the client carrying the unnecessary burden of using internal personnel to manage paperwork.

Hurricane Irma

Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank

A-1 Disaster Resources’ personnel managed the onsite recovery efforts to restore the Baton Rouge Food Bank in 2016 when the community was desperately in need of their help and donations. The Company provided exceptional restoration, sanitizing, and cleaning processes to allow their warehousing facility to become FDA approved and ready to begin helping the community. A-1 Disaster Resources’ efforts working with FEMA’s team of auditors helped settle their reimbursements from the government and expedite post-loss efforts.

Prior to new leadership, A-1 Disaster Resources’ team was solely responsible for the restoration and construction efforts for all insurance large-loss claims at Corporate-Owned Valueplace and Woodspings Hotels, nationwide. A-1 Disaster Resources’ unique experience includes a large percentage of clients in the hospitality industry, where speed and efficiency is a priority, when lowering Business Interruption costs to the client & to the carrier. A-1 Disaster Resources worked together with the carrier, consultants, and adjusters to rebuild their hotel, using brand-standard fixtures, wallcoverings, paint, FFE, etc. A-1 Disaster Resources’ team also provided guidance and consulting on small losses, where the Company partnered with local restoration companies, lowering cost burden on claims underneath their deductible.

Woodsprings & Valueplace Hotels

University of Maryland

After flooding events with historic rainfall, the plumbing system backed up in major buildings across the University. A-1 Disaster Resources effectively sanitized, cleaned, and provided personnel to manage the mitigation and construction efforts in time for students to return to class as usual. A-1 Disaster Resources provided 40+ Restoration Technicians skilled in construction and drying techniques to manage the rebuild activities, running a dayshift and nightshift to meet and exceed deadlines.

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