A-1 Disaster Resources, LLC is an established and fast-growing disaster-response company, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, which provides on-demand resources, services, and logistics during catastrophes.  Services include large-loss restoration services, commercial construction, restoration equipment rental & monitoring, as well as time and material documenting and preparation during natural disasters: hurricanes, tornadoes, freezing and flooding events causing property damage. A-1 Disaster Resources’ extensive experience and seasoned personnel have allowed it to create a first-of-its-kind national network and Partnership Program that brings together service providers, supplies, equipment and labor.

The industry needs an organized, systematic way to efficiently store and distribute resources on a national level. A-1 Disaster Resources support response of disaster-recovery companies and help facilitate growth, seamlessly managing multiple projects. A-1 Disaster Resources is also using personal relationships to begin taking on hospitality clients and performing large-loss insurance restoration through strategic partnerships and the nationwide network of A-1 Partners. A-1 Disaster Resources has also built its equipment rental and consumable products inventory to begin direct rental and sales to customers, with a focus on physical locations in regions with high propensity for natural disasters.

A-1 Disaster Resources is well-positioned to supporting growing restoration companies, as well as management large loss claims directly for A-1 clients. With locations in North Carolina, Texas, and A1 Partners spread out across the United States, we are positioned in close proximity to major regions typically affected by natural disasters every year.

A-1 Disaster Resources, led by Daryl Evans and Allan Kemp, is a 100% minority-owned corporation and has an elite team of business development, logistics, marketing, resource coordination and HR professionals who are committed to the success of this first-of-its-kind operation.

Daryl Evans

Founder President & CEO

Daryl Evans started his journey in the commercial large loss restoration industry during the Baton Rouge Floods in 2016 as a Restoration Supervisor. With a visionary outlook, Daryl was able to see gaps in the industry that desperately needed to be filled. On-demand national labor services in the disaster industry were non- existent. Hence, in 2017 Daryl co-founded A-1 Disaster Resources LLC. Daryl has since helped to spearhead the growth of A-1 Disaster Resources into a full-blown resources company that now provides all of the resources needed on work sites in the large loss disaster restoration industry by having formed strategic alliances across the United States.   A-1 Disaster Resources is now one of the fastest growing resource providers in the disaster response industry providing a one call solution for their customers’ supplies, equipment, labor and logistics needs.

Allan Kemp

Vice President of Field Operations & Co-Founder

As a master team builder, Allan Kemp excels at getting the most out of the people he works with. Having managed hundreds of people, he knows the importance of empowering people by giving them a voice.

As the Field Operations Director, Allan draws from his experience from having three successful grassroots companies. When it comes to handling HR issues, logistics or anything else needed to complete a project effectively and efficiently, he is uniquely equipped.

He prides himself on finding a solution when others have given up. Allan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from North Carolina Agriculture and Technology State University in Occupational Safety and Health

Del McCall

Chief HR Officer

Del worked for a Fortune 500 Logistics company as Human Resources Professional for twenty-two (22) years with more than a decade of successful experience in hiring and in employee management. He is a certified Human Resources professional with the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) certifications. He was awarded company Quarterly Leader Awards in Human Resources by his peers for his exemplary Leadership and Employee advocacy.

Del specialized in HR Investigations, teaching courses in Emotional Intelligence to management personnel, recruiting management personnel at universities and colleges in the Northeastern U.S. and giving monthly New Employee Seminars.

At A-1 Disaster Resources, LLC, Del handles HR issues, compliance with state registrations & state account IDs for several states throughout the U.S. He has gained an excellent relationship with those state offices. He always completes his tasks and job responsibilities in a timely manner.

When Del is not busy with his job, he enjoys spending time with his family, Netflix movies, bike riding and taking long drives to anywhere!

Jason Moor

National Project Auditor

From humble beginnings in the restoration industry, Jason Moor, started his career as a Restoration Supervisor dealing directly with large loss clients on the management and resource procurement.

Through quick promotions, he joined the National Division of his prior company and was promoted to National Project Auditor, managing the invoicing, documentation, and settling of large loss insurance claims during the company’s growth from $9M to $36M a year operation.

Jason accomplished this high growth and production while building a remote on-demand administrative and auditing team, to reduce corporate overhead and increase profits to the company; while lowering overall financial burden on their clients and insurance carriers.

During Jason’s efforts to improve corporate processes, his leadership led him to take over the application development of the company’s internal employee App, managed team meetings and continued trainings, and managed the buildout during the company’s transition to electronic file storage and documentation.

Jason has vast experience working with forensic auditing teams, defending and verifying the charges incurred during their projects and negotiating the final bill to help expedite the claims process for the client and the carrier.

Mark D. Lay

National Business Development

Possessing more than two decades of experience within the finance industry, Mr. Lay specializes in identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in order to best position businesses for success. Prior to his role at Essential Alliance, he was Founder, Chairman and CEO of MDL Capital Management Inc., the fourth largest minority-owned money management firm in the country. Additionally, Mr. Lay was appointed by the Pennsylvania legislature to the Board of the Commonwealth Finance Authority to develop innovative ways to spur economic development and growth throughout the state.

Mr. Lay’s most deeply rooted interests lie within the realms of community and real estate development. As such, he has teamed with groups and organizations to maximize reinvestment in low income, distressed areas by way of newly created legislation called Opportunity Zones. Not less important are his ongoing efforts to raise capital for projects he deems valuable and pragmatic based upon financial projections and the economic landscape.

Mr. Lay is a graduate of Columbia University where he majored in Economics. He has been the recipient of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in Western Pennsylvania and, for his stellar career in finance and entrepreneurship has been featured on the cover of Black Enterprise magazine as one the publication’s top 50 African Americans on Wall Street.